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Welcome to the Cornwall surf school The Sunday Times described as "the best on the North Cornish coast"

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so many illustrations of the fact. . The only two works on the
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x-ray treatment rather than to the treatment itself.
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lowed in the natural course, and the transplantation did
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350. Asparagus (in Ambush)— Ingredients— 2 bunches of aspara-
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they were miraculously cured at Lourdes of terrible dis-
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best in times of peace, and shines not when war moves
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does not suffer from gout. — Mtdical Press a/id Cncular,
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necessity an internal hyperaemia. This contributes to the pro-
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more obnoxious to emphysema than the corresponding lobe of the
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Sections of the necrotic foci in the lungs show centrally a nucleus of dead lung
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— is far too great, and that clinical teaching is neglected.
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considerably across the epigastrium to the hTt side. The spleen is also enlarged.
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350 lice each, while one shirt he examined was estimated to contain
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Potassse Nitratis, gr. viij. Misce, fiat pulvis hora somni
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ments of the round worms seem to excite abdominal pains, similar to
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of the receiving surface must be measured. Roughly, the amount may
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ber of bacteria returned to the average that was to be
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Illustrations are used freely and judiciously, and are drawn not
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Sir — I beg leave to offer for publication the follow-
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2. Relation of Pleurisy to Tuberculosis. E. A. Pierce, North West Medicine,
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SORE EYES.— This is an inflammation of the eye and
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hand under the back of the neck, a broad square of wet bichlorid
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mologique de I'Hopital Saint-Jean; conipte rendu des an-

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