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Start Allopurinol During Gout Attack

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in after life. To prevent misconception upon this point, it should b^

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certainly with every changing year 1 And under these circum-

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Kenneth Dotson of Huntsville, AL, and Kay Dotson of

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but a considerable time is required to destroy the organisms

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for the use of their hall. The meeting then separated. — From

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He believed, from what he had seen of its action, that

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L o (page 17), tend to explain many of the supposed anomalies which present

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Dr \V. Ramsay Smith, 'Jhe Geiural Hospital, Adelaide, South

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Medical Society, at Xorristown, in 1848, under the presi-

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able extent in this case, although there was some excess

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along the nerves, which it does more quickly than travelling by the blood.

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the sick ; for when four-fifths of the population were labouring

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" snapped shut," and the viscus was dropped back without

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plates used in this case were dry. and had been kept in

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three years of infestation. In addition the following complications may

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until it became a single median organ attached to the ventral wall of

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patient, and found him suffering from all the symptoms

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Transactions of the Medical Society of the District of Columbia. October, 1874.

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relation of cyst formation to hemorrhage into the gland has been much

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treatment of contusion of the lids, its emplo}anent is of value.

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black, and foetid sloughs.' There is generally a large

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infection in the vast majority of eases. We are less certain concerning

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constituted midwives, and on down the line to the street

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tal or motor, is part of the daily life of be nervous and psychical troubles. When

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the college to its students, and it has fallen to my lot in

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criticisms have only a literary significance, and, in a. practical

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evil is to set about the duty of primary medical and

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1954. Lindenmuth, Woodrow W., VA Hospital, West Haven, Conn.

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a resident physician seat on the AMA’ s Council on Ethical

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