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suggests that chorea is generated by some toxic agent, either the result of
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the simple truths that have yet to be imfolded on this subject,
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Cox discussed the treatment of adult cases and spoke
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IS, I.SO.3, Professor Achni,ona\isit to this country.subjectcd the bndytothe
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Practice in the Fourth Air Force (1945), vol. I, pp. 79-
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of fatty degeneration, varying in size from that of a white corpuscle to
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cent of his cases, and Krafft-Ebing in 60 per cent of his. The
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natural tissues, or of an innocent tumour, we find the proper
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since the time of Cortes (Morrow). Blanc states that there are 75 to 100
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to injury of a nerve and not to inflammation of the
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every pint of which may be added y^ gill of the best quality of
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to provoke much secretion. Low HCl in organic disease occurs as follows:
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cavity. The abdominal wound is then closed entire. The advantage
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pre-eminently of a practical character, the influence of which is
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excreted exceeds four grammes a day coma sooner or later occurs. No
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132. — Paulet. Fibro-chondrome du mass6ter; ablation
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by artificial means. Dr. Rufus E. Dixon, who has made a great many
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Tommy: "You wliip me and I'll tell the conductor my real age."
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not until dropsical symptoms are manifest that the nature of the case
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nutrition, since every substance to be taken up by the absorb-
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with any one of the ointments, and rubbed briskly, and with some
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in weight. This loss is accounted for by the excess urine output over
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Robert Park, of 3 Royal Terrace, Glasgow. Dr. Park, who was
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secretions, and excretions or cause soiling of clothing.
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destroyed nearly all the material on which alone it could travel.
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Schah Gehaed were admitted into the Liverpool Southern
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severe, that we caunot so readily trace any necessary connection between
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creased, until she feared strangulation every time she lay down.
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freeness of southern hospitality. Our hosts gave us thetruelves,
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taining nluch interesting material, is also comprised within the
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cases of spontaneous rupture of the heart. — Brit. Med. Jour.
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In the family of Mr. E. where there were already two cases, a third,
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of rheumatism are present. Besides ushering in acute attacks, tonsillitis

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