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Welcome to the Cornwall surf school The Sunday Times described as "the best on the North Cornish coast"

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parasites, the question arises. Of what use is this knowledge? The

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The dorso-abdominal segments, are represented in figure 9.

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ing into a mart of keenest competition. So, an optimist becom-

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iris, etc., which will assist in forming a correct diagnosis.

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diseases may occur simultaneously in the ovary ; and that it is

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clinical type was unknown before his day. Andral, Piorry, Beau, and

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verned by those principles in presrribiiig medicines to

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There is so much that could be said on this subject that one

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within the cerebral chamber = 4 to 6 c.c. in volume ; in the cerebellar

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varieties of synovitis, loose bodies, the gouty and rheumatic

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"French joint," already alluded to, which permits them to

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of those which were in the field have been engraved. The corpuscles are

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can provide financial aid to a needy medical student, help stimulate

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be the more efficient, and it is certainly easier to perform.

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moved and intra-abdominal pressure is not increased.

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Many cases recorded as Landry's paralysis have probably been due to

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pul.se, and clammy skin. And ho did sink in two days — an

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Within the last two years, Dr. Mussey ligated, at four weeks interval,

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hundred and eleven cases were cured, without a single death

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ration hurried. Stump continues to look well. Stimulants.

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tiuction des epidSinies. Kev. sclent., Par., 1»90, xlvi,

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from eructations following its administration, he advises the addition of one drop of

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case of sudden withdrawal, and with proper treatment, can

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and it is also worthy of mention that fistulae which have

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can be done. The existence of acute otitis media, bronchitis

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was but a single violation of the law of parallelism.^ This disease, there-

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