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Welcome to the Cornwall surf school The Sunday Times described as "the best on the North Cornish coast"

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hardly be mistaken. But if these are not sufficient, positive evidence

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now exhibited a drawing, showing syphiloma of the liver, the appearance

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salve, or Sloan's Horse Ointment, keeping the sore covered

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all leave them, and I want to know why it is. The best man in

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worthy contribution to medical knowledge. It then con-

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gestions : — ^< I am disposed to think this method deserves consideration

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devote an hour or more a day -to the carrying '^^^ c

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known in this country, together with cheloidea, which, as I understand it,

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cervical region there are tenderness over the spine and sensory disturbances;

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then, we add to this last, the seven above noticed, where ages

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cases a careful microscopical examination of the products

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of this element of causation, because it leads version, but the author of the paper intimates

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disease. Dr. Albert Gray has furnished me with three pedigrees of

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run out where they can have plenty of exercise, and also keep

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practice it has not always given the results hoped for.

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as many as twenty-seven large pieces of hard, dry fa!cal matter came

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dom to which we ourselves, in bodily conformation, are most

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dictments ; her voice clear and steady, the words fluently

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1 to 2 grams, oil eucalyptus and chloroform mixed in doses of 2 or 3

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Strongylus reyiaiis Moquin-Tandon i860, Eusirongylus visceralis Railliet 1885.

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raised off the ground, with the heel already raised, and the foot

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The wick is moistened, and the spiral thread, having

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by the introduction of a tent. In a cancerous process

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pupil the great lesson touching on sanitation in an impressive way.

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a measure as the one referred to was introduced. There was

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tion, "the death blow to this epidemic was dealt by formaldehyde !"

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school at Batavia informs me that 6 or 8 per cent, would be con-

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heart was normal, as far as murmurs or vavular lesions went,

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in the first line of the sentence, and the word " would" for

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