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Welcome to the Cornwall surf school The Sunday Times described as "the best on the North Cornish coast"

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generally show more weakness with spastic paralysis than loss

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Uterus removed after "Utriculoplasty." By Cuthbert Lockyer, M.D. ... 302

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talis, although Krehl (Deut. Arch, fiir hlin. Med., Leipzig, January

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cases, Burrage, W. L., 281, 295; cases of abnormalities of the

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choleraic character, have been unusually fatal in England

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consistent with acute hepatic injury have been noted

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with which it is more or less invested, and, sometimes, because pleuritic

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Drs^R. I. Cole and A. R. Dochez presented a "Report of Studies

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Prevalent Errors regarding the Diagnosis and Treatment

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The blood having been drawn up to 0.5, we have a dilution of i to 20.

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greatest number die on the eighth day of the eruption ; or, the

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Association quotes Dr. Monroe as stating that we should expect evidence

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Atrophied hearts are sometimes covered with a considerable amount of adi-

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to be erased from the Medical Register, " it having been proved

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statistics, are the true tj-pe of the " woman's rights "

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Allow me a few words more in justification of myself. Perhaps

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chance that all will not be ejected in the irequent

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a severe attack may be so serious, especially in patients with a weak

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to 96 25. It has gone above normal only normal temperature, and premature infants

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Present condition : Patient' anemic, pulse weak and rapid, appetite poor, con-

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posed to the air for a considerable time, if suppurative inflammation can he

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verge of the anus, and containing jjcrhaps a drachm of

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Galen. Vesalius, who was a contemporary of Paracelsus,

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practitioners also. They will never regret a faith-

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'" >"ll-ir^' nt the r,i,.ht lun>;. -I'he Inuer h.he d,nu~ ,,ld irre-ul.ir .idheMuti.

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should be allowed to develop a secondary optic atrophy and its resulting

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opium bubbles up, and becomes inspissated. This is repeated

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and tracheotomv. Then we come to the larf^est and onlv re-

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were found " profound alterations in a great number of the motor cells and

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aging of the lives at risk, and the accumulated balance of the first years of

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bandage. This centre-piece was somewhat longer than the sphnt, so

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