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Welcome to the Cornwall surf school The Sunday Times described as "the best on the North Cornish coast"

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seem to correspond to the condition. The cases can be easily
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residents as an important step toward the development
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theory of medicine, and like massage, of which it is an im-
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Albert Lea District (Minn.) Medicad Society.— This
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make effort, and with this confidence apathy will vanish.
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■ erally practiced, or considered as worthy of being seriously
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In an extremely large percentage of individuals dying
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this disease, as also cholera, dysentery and diarrheal
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very well for ten months, when distinct symptoms presented
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followed, sooner or later, by stone formation. A con-
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reaction in the diagnosis of typhoid fever, but appar-
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been done in other states, and which it was very neces-
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conditions. Some observers use the dried, others the fresh,
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representatives of the U. S. Army, Navy, and Marine-
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spinal cord such as may be found in the normal cord.
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The life led by Europeans in the tropics doubtless ex-
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medical journal in Topeka, and to meet for the 1902 session at
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President shall restrict his annual address to a discus-
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by the chisel, or by a wire saw passed from one hole to
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eral way the roads embraced by the Western Passenger
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which the characteristic shot-like feel might serve alone
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water and ice may be used by strangers with absolute
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York, believes it is quite possible that Foumier*8 figures,
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25 per cent, of the cases examined in this way during the
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and there are about 150 medical schools in our country to 20
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bin through. Seconded by Dr. Goff, of West Virginia. Carried.
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of a galvanic current of 50 milliamperes through two
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and the time of meeting shall be 11 A. M. on the first day
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4 centimeters thick. One-half hour of persistent effort with the
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Cloth. Pp. 106. Price, (1.50. l>hlladelphla : P. Blaklston's Son
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It was not until the year 1808 that Corvisart spread
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then fluid food by the mouth. It oozed through the wound a
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tlon, extension and flexion gone; pupils contracted, respiration
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in the province of Quebec during the last decade. In the re-
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SO. Turck : Explorations with the gyromele. Methods of physical

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