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Welcome to the Cornwall surf school The Sunday Times described as "the best on the North Cornish coast"

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Mr. Steavenson prefers to have his cases watched by relays of students

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effects of hot weather and not to the virus, the bad results were

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the side. He was examined previous to the administra-

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the red colouring matter was removed in a few minutes. If the blood was

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structure of the nervous system, which will be of the utmost value to

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and it rose in 7 minutes from 16 to 48 beats per miuute ; 13 minutes after, pulsations of heart

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water as possible and add 10 cc. of alcohol. A clear blue fluid results.

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applications for help or advice, have reached us from

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infective granulomata, septicaemia and pyaemia, malaria, and diseases of

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atoos thorax. We may, for a short time, produce the latter in ourselves

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rheumatism, i)erhaps because with its appearance the joint

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appearance of the menses at the following periods in weeks. The details are

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capsule brought up and held in place by two hair-pin sutures.

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On Monday the work was renewed and it was opened com-

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from Hoofnagle 19 ). anti-HBc = antibody to hepatitis B core antigen,

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was contended in favour of the prisoner, that so large a quantity of blood

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the lung, therefore they will probably more readily retain

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of the deputation here observed that there was often a de-

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retary, Susan Blumenthal, who is also the spouse of

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children with colic, the greatest care should be taken to get a full

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viously. He was put upon nutritive enemas administered

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that students inscribed before that date will be al-

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embodies the changes and additions of the new Pharmacopoeia. It cer-

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Finally, I would call your attention and considera-

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fevers it is commonly met with, but all the clinical evidence available con-

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affirm that the magnetic fluid, placed as an immediate agent between

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Turning away from this baser side it is refreshing to know that

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