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Welcome to the Cornwall surf school The Sunday Times described as "the best on the North Cornish coast"

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tedious for the patient, is the half-hour that must
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of rank higher than his own; and he gave him his spending
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through the cat. Scrapings from the lesions produced
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strong responsibility to educate not only future physi-
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equilibrium of aft ion ; and if one organ a£t in an over degree,
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right fore and little finger, the two points of the agsthesiometer were
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a period of inpatient assessment could be covered up to the point where it
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Letters, whether written for publication or private information,,
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Anus surrounded by atrophied haemorrhoids, otherwise normal.
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heart, and cotton jackets succeeded the mush poultices, still the
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plainly preventable : " Infectious eye diseases, such
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ment, or, as he phrases it, "the best methods of dressing the wounded
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doses of six drachms, three a day. This remedy, you are aware,
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make it circulate more freely? Dr. Murray thinks that it
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flammations. Should the case be seen late, or go on to
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greatly, often there being but a single one, while over a dozen have
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formidable operation, and he had frequently witnessed the remarkable fall in
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it will be needless to enumerate, as the reference here made to the sub-
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are applied continuously: they are opened early and dressed fre-
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Roger, John S. II, MD (Discussant) - Hypercoagulable States (Medical
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— (1) Lupus vulgaris and (2) Lupus erythematosus. Histori-
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of paraffin injected ; it would get started, and before it could be
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complicated case of ectopic gestation, I hold that, with
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the albuminous urine occurs before food has been taken, and disappears during
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60 to 70 parts. 4. That the amount of corpuscles ranges between 130

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