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Welcome to the Cornwall surf school The Sunday Times described as "the best on the North Cornish coast"

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The tartar emetic was continued in the form of enema, and in

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17 were viii.-parae ; 9 were ix.-parse ; 7 were x.-parge ; and 6 were

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the red colouring matter was removed in a few minutes. If the blood was

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Richardson in his paper, as the patient had come from a part of

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Aneurysm was considered a possibility, but there was no pulsa-

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societies. Why should we not have an asserabljinan who is a physi-

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In 1885 the bacilli were isolated from the blood by Fraenkel and Sim-

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Such is a brief sketch of his condition in January, 1901,

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that true combinations with ordinary chlorosis are also

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spoken of above by myself, bearing on the chemical behavior

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office by a little deception, quiet entreaty, and tact. In the church,

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general, who allowed him to retain the charge of his sick, and

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a kind of information which cannot be obtained from others; you must

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placed over the entire limb. The usual dressings were then applied.

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2. In a more advanced stage the melanosis is less diiTuse, and

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noon of April 16. He retained consciousness until the last.

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1 Journal des Pratlclens, Vol. xvli. No. 18, 1908, p. 279.

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pigs and on a yet greater number of rabbits, without a single failure.

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270 Proceedings of the Union Eclectic Medical Society. [June?

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Artificial respiration should be kept up until the patient is able, when left

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