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Welcome to the Cornwall surf school The Sunday Times described as "the best on the North Cornish coast"

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St. Braun [Przeglad Lekarski, Nos. 40 and 41, 1889) reports a case of spon-

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to use Abbe's string method, introducing a suture with a small

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what has been written on the subject, the present writer is impressed

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and the confession that she ate no breakfast, and often no supper. She

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determine the immediate results of the operation when compared with

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marked results which I saw after the use of this apparatus."


opposite to the lesion, and due, therefore, to implication of the facial

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has much to do with the development of sepsis in wounds. He

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Dictionary, the term, as applied to medicine, means 'To write or

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less than the one delivered under the knife. Thus was established the

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ately after he was put on ten grains of quinine daily, and in a short time he

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and urges you to support it even better than ever before ; talk of

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present afford us a positive rule for or against the sea voyage. No

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^His not expected that any one — even a reviewer — ^will read through a dic-

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influenza and one of a morbilliform msh. Other cases showing similar erup-

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urethra into which the finger could be introduced. It was

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Next, the reticular stroma so well marked in the reticular tubercle of the

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diency must limit the field which he dare attempt to cover in any given

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by paralysis, and "occasionally" attends syphilitic and tubercular sore-

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Dr. Andrea Verga describes his own case. He suffered from acrophobia,

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November 16, 1889) discussed at length the following points : 1. The various

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Northern Michigan Asylum, Traverse City, Michigan. Population

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and catarrh of some part of the respiratory tract. But when in-

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due to errors in diagnosis, the symptoms being in reality due to a carcinoma,

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ance has few supporters. There appear to be two serious obstacles

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position he occupied in his home, and his environment, his native

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sterilized wadding and secured by bandages that had been prepared in a

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further noteworthy because of the great number of metastases in nearly every

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Occasionally the abscess cavity refills after the first opening, as re-

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When they go before a legislative body they should not go as poli-

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mucous membrane was found, in which were numerous cystic spaces, and an

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(1) The shortening of the limb and the position of the trochanter

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the drum cavity. In the first instance the opening in the mastoid is made a

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night. — British Medical Journal, February 1, 1890.

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