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Welcome to the Cornwall surf school The Sunday Times described as "the best on the North Cornish coast"

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The exposures were made from 24 to 40 hours and were

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and other injuries where suppression of motion is desirable.

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Fig. 3. (A) Vessels ligated on the gall bladder and wiped off.

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We quite concur in thinking that the quantity of urine voided

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downs for days, and go from Bristol to London with the pay-

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Dr. John L. Taylor, of Bowling Green, read a paper on

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the great duct of that organ and together they form the

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be Operated Upon. While the difference in the primary -irritative and

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the Bellevue Hospital Medical College, where he received his medical

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assigned to the influence of the eftluvia of putrefying dead bodies,

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should be broken into small pieces, and after using one

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that of Harvey — tells a great deal respecting the man. It proclaims

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may be seen a secondary fever in some cases, but it is

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night, seized with profuse dark diarrhoea, accompanied by occasional vomiting of

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Grip, he said, might be defined briefly as a specific,

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granular. It must not be inferred from the fact that the small kidneys run

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bise(F.j Propagation par I'air a grande distance d uue

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Whilst the uvula thus has its special uses in the act of deglutition, it exerts

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storing the function of the disordered gland. It is probable that

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ANTinoTES FOR Strychnia. — Prof R. Bellini, afl;er

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cation and death. Such is the case in which a bolus

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Sprain of the tendon of the gluteus maximus gives rise to

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the merits of the treatment of diphtheria which I had

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a hair follicle very much as a bougie into the bladder.

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to twelve ounces in the last fifteen hours ; agrees well with the sto-

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Practitioners. By E. C. Dudley, A. M., M. D., Professor of

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<^ny ignorant and unskilful persons presume to practise

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under the author's name are treated as strictly confidential. We can

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