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Welcome to the Cornwall surf school The Sunday Times described as "the best on the North Cornish coast"

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manifest changes of composition or structure involving usually the pre-

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but all still linger; or when pain and swelling do not subside

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dot, immediately beneath the cuticle ; and all observers agree,

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bean. Its color is variegated like that of the castor

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seemed elevated, but the thermometer in the mouth showed that

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we generally find a more or less red-purple colour, indicating

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The Royal Medical and Chirurgical Society is about to re-

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tality, constitutes the organs, apparatus, or instruments, or the

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found to contain two good-sized peanuts. The abdom-

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to subinvolution after abortion or labor, or to the menopause.

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gence of animals are developed, the blood becomes more concentrated.

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of cases it is situated near the jiylorus, where it sometimes appears as a

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two above its origin, arid then pouring water .into it towards the

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latterlv fT''l /,'*■" '""S" impo.ssible to account for the

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geons; ill charge ; to improve, and not to criticise, the hospitals ; have

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Also: Med. News, Phila., 1888, Iii, 449-456. . Recent

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filtrating growths of the gastric walls, or from long-continued abstinence,

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1421. We have already under the head of pneumonia dwelt

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tion of minute doses, from one eighth to one half a grain of blue pill,

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ill-grounded complaints, which too often are direfted againft

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The diseased bone was removed, but healing did not take

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30. Lavine LS. Grodzinsky AJ: Current concepts review— Electrical stimula-

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tion from the fifth to the eighth day. In dumb rabies the sec-

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been so often urged as the right thing, would be an

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bladder. On passing the forefinger into the rectum, a hard and slightly elastic

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from Dr. Sanderson's experiments, important as they might be in themselves.

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and as bountifully as is your habit, being careful not to offend your diges-

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fingers ; but since the adoption of the flap operation, its cure has become

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joint pains. These occurred particularly in the cases in which

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she had taken during the twelve hours previous. She had been

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even more frequently we meet with only a relative increase. The rela-

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solid at ordinary temperature but melts at body heat. Such a paste

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It always affords us pleasure to chronicle the success of a Car.

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right arm and leg. The spasms interfere with volun-

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vapour getting into the air-cells may place form. At the end of some minutes — of six

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the pneumococcus, while my case was one of epidemic

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sier (J.) Caract6res fr6n6raux de I'fipidemie de dothi6-

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in association with other signs. The significance of

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steel which is sharply curved at its upper end, the curved portion ter-

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its directing and applying on the adhesion require a certain

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