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Welcome to the Cornwall surf school The Sunday Times described as "the best on the North Cornish coast"

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I. On the Tlieorv and Practice of Midwifery. By Fleetwood

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Prognosis. — Raynaud's disease is not of itself dangerous, nor does it

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irregular. The patellar reflexes are over-active, especially the left ;

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and we are now spared — perhaps but for a time — to put

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Any abnormality in the shape of the head of the humerus or in the

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fever almost constantly, accompanied by abortion, or

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preparations. These promote free action of aU the glands

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which tlu> pei-itoneal (^iTusion d(>vel()ps and reforms after tappiiiti, as was

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Simple nervous irritation, seated in the gastric mucous tissue,

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at the Centennial Celebration of the Fairfield County

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Moved by Dr. Moorhouse, seconded by Dr. Bray, that the order of business be

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seems highly probable that the antero-lateral columns of the cord, and the anterior pyramids

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or shortly after, an attack of perityphlitis; thirdly, there is the

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thousands of the actions of which we have no conception. The rule of

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into play, and this would be accompanied by the development of associa-

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results showed not only an increase in the total dollars

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tizans in any cause whatsoever. It is a poor attempt at wit, and a

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circumstances when little was to be expected from any measure. It was

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the left and in one the right nerve that was affected. In all cases the

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scissors, traction on the cervix, and the division of the broad liga-

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mixed infection and the patient was rapidly failing. I made

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sets in, the fluid in the abscess increases considerably, and

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He was active in the organisation of the East River Medical Association,

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in our former reports, and it continues to be satisfactory.

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of isoquinoline alkaloid where codeine content does

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frequent and early vomiting, early development of rigidity

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one hundred pounds a year, with a house, which was not large

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a kind of information which cannot be obtained from others; you must

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Centralbl. f. Bakt., Vol. XL, p. 781, Vol. XII., p.

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of hemorrhage or that incident to extravasation of hollow visceral

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and neutral red) in solid culture media. The concentration ran from

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