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Welcome to the Cornwall surf school The Sunday Times described as "the best on the North Cornish coast"

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Cincinnati. Pediatrist to the Cincinnati Good Samaritan and Jewish

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epithelium, its desquamation, the resulting erosions, and the

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Leonard Kidd, M.B., Surgeon Array Medical Staff, of a daughter.

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if the patient is not doing well, consultation may be

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ing to physical examination, electrocardiogram, Roentgen-ray examina-

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to the eyes. In optic-nerve disease, as in retrobulbar-

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mittee has reviewed the several questions raised and en-

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so far as Munk's description of the visual area is con-

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at first in small doses, progressively increased to fifteen or twenty grains.

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famous Baron Larrey, father of Hippolyte Larrey. Military

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lustreless. They almost fall out when pulled on, have a very small

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air-tightly to the outside of the open mouth, closed Ijotli nos-

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exercise (especially horseback riding) in the open air is

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does not follow that because a paralysis, for instance, disappears suddenly

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periods of the disease. T\<ijirst stage embraces the period during which the

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took the effect for the cause, — the impact for the power behind —

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period of incubation diminishes, in proportion to the number

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trated along the border of the infected section, that is, along the dotted

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and he felt so wjU that he insisted on exerting him-

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denly. A softened caseous deposit opens into a bron-

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bumin, no sugar, no casts. His abdominal measurements were

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ports where yellow fever prevails, and has been born and reared there, or has

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tices that complement their work as state employees.

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miles awaj T was sent for and arrived before the operation

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Now, electricity, however generated, whether through

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three cases in which no biologic examination was made,

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*The authors have followed Borland's Dictionary in spelling,

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daily, and by the 8th of May he was much relieved. The use

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The essayist was of the opinion that the reflexes from the

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the thighs. As a result of the misinterpretation of this initial

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amputation became absolutely necessary in a few days, and

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