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Welcome to the Cornwall surf school The Sunday Times described as "the best on the North Cornish coast"

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lished weekly, under the direction of the Editors and an Advisory
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has been said in the past, and of which it may seem
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upon a few simple truths. The student need not be bewildered by
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inner side of the biceps. The pain was only marked when he held the fore-
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the population of the island. Mauritius has suffered much
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the deviation of the bones, however, is not so great
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often in burning sensations, or in a feeling of cold, some-
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In the second patient, a boy aged twelve, the lens was
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affect the heart centres rather than the myocardium ; symptoms of
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the heart was in the aorta, and its valves. The valves
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as entitling either party to a separation a mensa et
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the capsular ligament P^"^'^ ^"'^ ^^> '•'^ ''^""^ '^'^■^'"' ^o'-'"^'^-
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but is much less tbjiu this at any of tlio Queen's Colleges, wlu^ther
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resuscitative fluids, and the estensive use of antibiotics.
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physical, namely, percussion, auscultation, etc. These phenomena are called
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salt to taste, and some minced parsley ; then stir the sauce
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port " Tacoma," for duty on that ship during the voyage to Ma-

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