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Welcome to the Cornwall surf school The Sunday Times described as "the best on the North Cornish coast"

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ical, as the latter can well do without it. After four days of
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Sclerogenic Treatment of. — Sematzky^ has used Lannelongue's
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grains of the powder to be inhaled is laid within one end, the other end is
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the abdominal surgeon formed one of the proudest chapters
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and delirious, tossing about in bed and screaming violently ; within the first
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The dura was exposed and also the facial nerve. In closing the
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him appears to have been excited by the firm stand which
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single, boils are apt to occur in crops or in succession, new ones arising for
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foration of the stomach or intestine is characterized b}^ a uniform
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from Paris, and some of home make — yet it will be observed
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Syllabus of Lectures on the Practice of Surgery. Arranged
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When the pneumonic inflammation subsides, the temperature assumes the course chw-
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the patient is improved, the wasting is arrested, and the vital re-
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tested lor fat and cholesterin with positive results, foj- lecithin
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if it succeed, is speedy and complete. And its failure, if it
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cachexia supervene ; and not infrequently phenomena of toxemia suggest-
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recovered, and five of the infants were born alive.
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its" action. "A tablespoonful of the oil may be taken, floating on
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brightness we thanked the fates (as we came to a halt before the
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gland with hypercalcemia and hypophosphatemia have been observed in a few patients
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VON RiTTER, Gottfried. [Dr., klin. Asst., Kinderspital, Prag.]
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to Henry VIII, teacher of Erasmus, and founder of the Royal College of Physicians. Hartmann

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