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Welcome to the Cornwall surf school The Sunday Times described as "the best on the North Cornish coast"

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about the neck every night, and a hot douche may be directed to the
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use of these two remedies, boldly and confidendy admm-
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peritoneum, devoid of fat, in which no vessels were visible, and
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Hydrate as a drench in ^ pint of water. Another good remedy is:
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disease is benign ; the symptoms of stomatitis are not those
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side composed of cyst-wall, a portion of a greatly lacerated and flattened
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the Otis urethrotome, and the bladder drained through
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Dr. Arch Cheatham, Durham; Dr. H. H. Briggs, Asheville.
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observations upon its patholo^as to render the clinical remarks
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cal secretions attending on especial diseases. Every irritation of
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Surgical and Dietetic. By A. Habagllatl, M.A., M.D.. F.B.C.S. Ed..
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beautiful as well as useful building. But M'e confess our
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soiled. Never poultice an abscess after it is open. — (13) .
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