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Welcome to the Cornwall surf school The Sunday Times described as "the best on the North Cornish coast"

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miliary eruption ; constipation, or relaxed stools; urine of a deep orange

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is nearly as powerful as quinine. Zuntz found, as Eanke and

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ocular muscles with the exception of the left external

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by the Committee on Sex Hygiene of the Massachusetts Association of

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Medicinal. — The value of hot drinks is marked. The ammonium

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cially in this country. Intoxicating drinks can and ought to be

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of the South, to July, 1863; and Medical Inspector of

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Cowell, George B P. & S., N. Y., '88 Bridgeport.

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the bent position : proving that the two condyles and

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the figures given by Chittenden and the corrected figures would

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H U M C B T. Y E S I r> K N A X W P T V Q R O .7 a Z F

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head, ai]d antispasmodics. In speaking of the treat-

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Sin, — In reading Dr. Barnes's excellent lectures now being

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nation, the reader is referred to works treating of morbid histology.

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testing, due to phosphates, must be filtered out. Dr.

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erysipelas always begins in the structures of the phar-

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that the respiratoiy organs constitute the main channel

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* Read at meeting of Ontario Medical Association, 1898.

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into — first, those cases in which the tumor descends into the pelvis before the

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