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Welcome to the Cornwall surf school The Sunday Times described as "the best on the North Cornish coast"

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extremities, swelled feet, anorexia, palpitations of the
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After a few days of increased pain, and some constitutional dis-
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the use of chloroform, and did not cease until the bowels
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flap sutured to these. The scrotal defect is closed by
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mfed.nav.. Par., 1893, lix, 282-290. . . La fl^vre r6cur-
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the villages which we have traversed we have met with, among
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fortable, are of the greatest value in controlling the light, as are
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tices that complement their work as state employees.
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1 See Neurol. Centralbl., 1896, No. 17. Marina's older publications upon this
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mologique de I'Hopital Saint-Jean; conipte rendu des an-
Symptoms ox Admission. — Impulse weak ; apex beat not definable; transverse
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on the seventeenth day, and necessitated ligature of the
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diarrhea, neither was there constipation, but the stools remained green after
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have found that, as a rule, few patches occur in the cerebellum 5 but
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gical treatment is not demanded.; but if the pain extends
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of the inferior cava. They are found also in the lungs, in the
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lepsy. In 1899 and 1900 the Prize Committee, consisting of
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the gas which produces a crenated appearance of the colored blood corpuscles.
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impairment of nervous influence, for the right side of the
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When the bile is deficient, constipation and dyspepsia are usual re-
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ing biliary obstruction. In diphtheritic inflammation, the tissue of the
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nurse having arrived, was asserting her autocratic sway,
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us — viz., a short epitome of the surgical anatomy of the region
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late years especially, been very often greatly misapplied, both
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fetid odor. It came from a large abscess cavity in the right lobe of the liver,
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represents the terrific struggle we are daily engaged
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Such was the late Prof. Jones ; and the estimate in which he was held
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native owns a hog; the native "presses the button."
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of Surgery, lie shall for every such offence be liable, on sum-
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sunnanded by a sac as far as the junction of the cornea with the
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known how diflicult it is generally to exclude hysteria
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The case of tabes with gastric crises represents all phases of tonus
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Simpson, and others. The British writers generally,

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