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Welcome to the Cornwall surf school The Sunday Times described as "the best on the North Cornish coast"

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sicians who prescribed it were entirely ignorant of the ef-
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which come more under the notice of surgeons than of physicians. The
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with health, and therefore indispensable ; changes more or less morbid,
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(cellulipetal) protoplasmic prolongations are connected with the neurons
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Circulatory system. — 1. Palpitation, cardiac pain. — In the sphere of the
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2. Alopecia loealis seu neuritiea. — This form includes cases in
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shall have of them antiquaries, poets, humanists, statesmen,
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exempt. It is very difficult to explain this curious limitation.
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possible extirpation by the knife, or destruction by caustics ; but a more
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inflammation confined to the immediate neighbourhood of the follicles,
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granular. He found that it is the hyaline spheres only which produce
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spasm detected and removed, that a cure is confidently to be expected ;
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The difficulties of home-treatment of course increase in the case of
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