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Welcome to the Cornwall surf school The Sunday Times described as "the best on the North Cornish coast"

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had smothering sensations, palpitation of the heart,

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ovary. Much of the pathology, he feared, had been cre-

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case of acute abscess; (9) excisions of joints generally

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of danger from childbirth following on ventro-fixation

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Professor of Anatomv and Clinical Professor of Diseases of the Rec-

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feller Foundation for aid, especially in these branches.

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and the mercury in the apparatus allowed to fall until the meniscus

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blood occur; or the stomach, liver, or kidneys suffer, and cease to act

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He said tbat the syphilitic lesion situated in the urethra was in

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in a considerable proportion of cases. The perspiration in some cases is

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accordance with the duration and violence of the atttack. If it termi-

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jections of cocain, caffein, and normal salt solution, employing in the

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believe there can be improvement made in this line. We are practically

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20. Eas (sc. vaccas) pasci oportet locis viridibus et aquosis. Cavere oportet ne aut angustius

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placed with the finger in the mouth far down in the

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divided into two groups : 1. Cases of amnesic aphasia.

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* Also Certified By The American Board of Otolaryngology

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growths, 127, or 492 per cent., were ghomata. Grouping the regions

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from mortal disease, without regard to interference by

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larly defined and confltient, yellowish-rod, and scaly pa])ules (eczema

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indicate an unusual predisposition to disease. Again, it would

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drops of tincture of soap bark. Shake and note results.

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operations all the patients were either entirely cured or very much

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physician usually sees his patient early, and, though it is

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Sons, of Belfast, showed specimens of surgical and other

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and megaloblasts are observed, the latter predominating.

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very frequently given, and may constitute the carbohydrate

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uproots the ignorance and prejudices from which superstitious

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1875.] Morton, Amputations at Pennsylvania Hospital.

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condition. Further, these requirements must be satisfied with the least

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furnish carefully revised lists, set by the Mergenthaler Linotype Machine, and printed

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would say that in an article by Lancereaux, published in

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