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Welcome to the Cornwall surf school The Sunday Times described as "the best on the North Cornish coast"

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from 1915 to 1917 and underwent repeated operations for the same

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1898. Ixviii, 289-293. Also, Reprint. — Price (G. H.)

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could not help doing what they did in any other sense than we

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but what then } Is this a reason for refusing them a hearing in

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their life being spent in the actual company of himself and

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and of important practical bearing. (" Gulstonian Lectures," in

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— are disproved and practically discarded products ;

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China. — Advices from Shanghai to Oct. 1st rejjort

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night nursery all through the night, and then there is no need for heavy bed-

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and left to be absorbed unbroken, or it may be punctured with a

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pendent of each other, although the bladder may be infected in either case,

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bones with diseased soft parts removed is decidedly preferable to a more

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school : " Whether certain acts of disorder so seriously

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of Medicine" : "In South, Africa, particularly in the western

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Arch, ophth. de Lisb., 1887, viii, 56-58.— Van Dnyse.

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attended with depressed than over-active circulation; but by long oontinu-

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those of chronic peritonitis. Of the other items in the list, the one

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an antidote, not only for arsenic, hut also for all the metallic salts liable to be

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generally proceed horn, the noduli Moiganii. We must beware of

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Similar views were put fon\'ard at that time (1890) by Drasche,

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An enormous plot of ground of irregular shape has been most

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educating the people to the dangers of compulsory sick-

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War Neuroses and Shell Shock By Fredk. W. Mott, M.D.,

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In other cases, particularly old ulcers, the bacteria of

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letter, and I presume that it also was relieved. Miss W. was directed

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the three functions named above. We understand by this

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Glasgow Royal Infirmary (then the only general hospital

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auspices. It is to be hoped, therefore, that the objection may be removed in

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were mixed in vitro, the results were variable but gave hope that

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the inner portion and the outer layer of the split elastica. The

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Not long ago he had been called upon to visit a young man who had

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