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Welcome to the Cornwall surf school The Sunday Times described as "the best on the North Cornish coast"

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charge relative to the speculum could have come only

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ing, as it does, with many important sanitary questions. He

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III. Regarded as a foreign body, it is evident that

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The absence of albuminuria must not always be accepted as proof of

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having desquamated, the abscess has openea spontaneously. But there are

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1900 c.c. The temperature was usually up to 101° or 101.2°, later at one

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for the paroxysms. Vagus stimulation not only slows the heart-rate,

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real state of the patient as regards morbid disturbances; and its

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transfers, assigns or otherwise conveys all copyright ownership to the

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A Member: I would like to have it distinctly understood by

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An. r. Acad, de cien. mid. . . . de la Habana, 1886-7, xxiii,

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ments, such as urobilin and uro-erythrin, are usually absent. The

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