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Welcome to the Cornwall surf school The Sunday Times described as "the best on the North Cornish coast"

Antibiotic Duricef

writes on the existence of a sternal muscle in man, and Pro-

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tion in the congestion and cedema in and around the

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been left to make a first intention possible, the operation

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with increased reflex in the non-atrophied and non-paralyzed

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We may adduce a practical lesson from this. When tuberculin is

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lapse which follow excess, and alteratives and tonics are given

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difference l)etween croup as it ordinarily occurs and that excited in the

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thinos. that no man can fairly be called educated who has not the

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which the public opinion of physicians never defends,

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present traces of tubercle, the cretaceous concretions are always sur-

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portant therapeutic indication in typhoid fever was

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in length, cjmmjncing about two fingers' width al)ove

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before reaction has taken place, he will of course have recourse to diffusi-

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penalty imposed upon conviction for a criminal offence. A single

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ment, therefore, is preventive rather than remedial. To prevent

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FoxwELL, James J., L.R.C.P.F.d., to be ^ledical Officer to District

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to be remarkably poor in carbonic acid, not containing more than from 16 to 20

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disease, is a very intimate one, and the poison when so bound to the

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Butler has suggested taking serum from dysentery convalescents, noting the

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In Seattle, King County Hospital (Harborview) appar-

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sulted me and was for a time under my care. He lad at

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be educated by any means previously known or practiced, but that he had

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from faradism in gynaecological practice. He had also found

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describe 300 or 600? If one can think out 200 ways he

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last fall. The worker visited a local college from which many of

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ravages similar to those to which England and Holland have

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eoryza, and bronchial catarrh — slight fever, sneezing, running

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adding a few drops of nitric or any acid which causes the re-solution of

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the important subjects of diphtheria and bicycling,

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acrimonious personality alike disgraceful to the individual and

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pulse feeble, and about 110 in the minute. Supporting treatment was con-

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to make a noise with one or the other end of it, is an elegant accomplishment.

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We are glad to be able to state that the health of Sir James Y.

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of some interesting operation cases at this Dispensary.]

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exists. It is, therefore, strictly correct to say, that we recognize

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nerve centres are drained of their blood, giving rise

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thorax exceeds by 1^ cm. the left side on deep inspira-

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