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Welcome to the Cornwall surf school The Sunday Times described as "the best on the North Cornish coast"

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tient calmly sleeping through the pains is bound to
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are excellent in their way, but the time and trouble
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do is to learn the underlying aetiological factor, and
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to the fact that it is almost invariably intramedullary, caus-
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deny liability, and explain that the pursuer left the
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slightest extent, and it seemed to him that the re-
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a little below the level of the umbilicus. The hernia
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died .of pneumonia. One brother (Hed at live days. One
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tin, Chairman ; Passed Assistant Surgeon W. A. Korn, Re-
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of weight, amounting to fifty pounds, or an average of a
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their hearts examined ; the onset of endocarditis is
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steps are taken to prevent indiscriminate expectoration, for
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given in this manner fifty times either by the writer
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abscess of the kidney, beginning fibrinous pericarditis and
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to make on his own person with this same digitalis,
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ment, but taking for granted that the milk has been
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difficulty in making the correction, and even in the
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7. A Case of Rheumatic Arthritis Followed by Streptococ-
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one to the effect that the members should not steal
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in the provinces of Bari and Foggia, both in the region
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leprous or of a tuberculous nature. No bacilli were
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tuberculin, and especially since the publication of
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as in the work of the French school, the other open-
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directly with it and have not wasted our time in an
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care of their breasts if given suitable instruction.
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patients have lost much flesh and strength, the best
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fifth of the cases a more or less marked leucopenia
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Lea & Febiger's Visiting List is issued in four
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subjected to trauma which might have produced fractures of the pelvis
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and tactile voca! fremitus limited to one >ide ol the
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lesions, \arying from one half "to two inches in diameter.
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giving there a collection of pus which is called hypopyon. When
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Price. — In Harrodsburg. Kentuckv, on Friday, Novem-
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eases or conditions which, according to his observa-
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appearing for thirty-six to forty-four hours ; often
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method of intestinal anastomosis by thread and nee-
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The deaths reported from infectious diseases numbered
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diagnosticated clinically 28 times and, of these, in
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familiar to experimentalists in the course of the in-
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gether with the portal and gastric, a reciprocal, col-
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ing the onset of this affection. He had had patients
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ablutions in, or aspersions with, the waters of holy
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and in poisonous doses — in four carefuliy differen-
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of nothing, and also that we cannot give that which

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