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Welcome to the Cornwall surf school The Sunday Times described as "the best on the North Cornish coast"

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bursa, leaves these two posterior pouches untouched. The

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ing; indeed, when proposed she stated decidedly that nothing

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men, but they are more common in nervous women. Some time ago I was called

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there are pain and paresthesice in the limbs, tenderness in the muscles and over

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FIG. 206. Anthrax bacillus. X 900 diameters. Agar culture. (Park.)

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days. The temperature of the patient who has been at work or going

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20th. At least such is the present intention of the committees

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usually classified as papillary, follicular, and mixed

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tion of my finger and thumb and the bottle. the contents of the sac.

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physician at the Indian Training School in 1884, and had been

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In regard to the nerves proceeding from the brain to the or*

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and careful measurements of the heart were taken, but no

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XXXIII. Orthopaedic Surgery. XXXIV. Diseasesof Head and Spine. XXXV. Diseases of the

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Zanker reported there were many issues discussed and that

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She got better, and remained so until some weeks ago,

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their outlines are made out with difficulty. In some cases they undergo

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women, with the happiest results. From a long experience with

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munication by Professor G. Simon (of Heidelberg), 10th April

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removed from the crest of the tibia. This treatment

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Bright's disease, aged 62. He was graduated from the Marlon-Sims

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limbs is complained of. Complications, such as bronchitis, pneumonia

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to disinfect it. While awaiting the arrival of the physician, make

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visit her last March. She had been attended by a celebrated physi-

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and Enlarged German Edition. Edited, with additions by J. Chal-

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Trial of physician intervention of problem drinkers

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ContagionB IMseaaet— Weekly Statement — Report of

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the lever pessary, which I have tried twice. Under these circumstances I

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Society for the Prevention of Consumption. — ^This

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think, an important guide for them, the whole — a fair octavo of 630 page»

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with powdered sugar, and strew the same thickly over the

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at large. The discovery, not many years ago, of two

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with the physician of the infirmary there. Dr. Bur-

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has received very prominent attention all over the world during

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lial connective tissue without atheromatous degeneration; and

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either by a thronibus or embolism, an anaemia of the territory sup-

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10. Dundas, Sir David, Bart., to George III. and George IV.

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