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Welcome to the Cornwall surf school The Sunday Times described as "the best on the North Cornish coast"

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medicine^ drug^ or surgical instrument." We hope the bill will not

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5. That acute gastric ulcer heals equally well whether the

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Two other cases of streptococcic tonsilitis were febrile eighteen

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good cause, the author has wisely concealed his name and address

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cases of miliary tubercles of the choroid. — Transactions of the

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Physicians, London; Pro tenor o I the * I^^^g^Sp^iMylyanU, 1884-89;

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all sanitary lines. Much of it was the result of the

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explorations will not be profited by our inquiry. Some may listen,

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metric method for the determination of the hydrogen ion con-

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in common use. After all, it must be admitted that the number

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X. Diseases of the Nose, Throat and Ear — Dr. S. J.

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1915 ; Assistant in Biology, 1884-85, Associate, 1885-88, and Associate Professor,

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blastic activity by use of vital dyes of the benzidene series. —

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fied, or else we are dealing with a more severe type

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essary to take a drop of the patient's blood and make the crucial

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orientation for place and time. Reckoning ability is very poor:

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is of itself singly and alone responsible tor changes

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recognized as a power in the cause of legitimate medicine and a

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including at least 30 lectures and 90 to 100 hours of laboratory

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Serological examination in syphilis of the nervous system with

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times for students who wish to conduct independent investi-

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A. B., Princeton University, 1913, B. A., Oxon., 1915 ; B. Sc. Oxon. 1916 ;

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Donald K. Hooker, M. D., Associate Professor of Physiology.

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is not possible in my experience," thereby acknowledging the im-

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for electrical and X-ray apparatus. Oliver Brush, 710 Colorado

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A. B., Hampden- Sidney College, 1914 ; Summer School, Johns Hopkins Uni-

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the assistance of Drs. Hamburger, Pleasants, Chatard, Wol-

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the uneducated and the instructors are considerably quicker. This

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points of technique. For instance, it is to be noted

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Ernest L. Zimmerman. Assistant in Clinical Medicine.

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these cases may be quite free or surrounded by a localized periton-

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e. The high degree of acidity in the ulcer should be controlled

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II, III, IV, V, VI, Vlli, IX and XIII. No note was made in

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believes that this anesthetic has a direct depressing

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tients, and the care of the woman and child after delivery.

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nervous, and selected medical cases at Keene, New Hampshire. They are meet-

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