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Welcome to the Cornwall surf school The Sunday Times described as "the best on the North Cornish coast"

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I was asked by the Procurator Fiscal to make a po^t-moriem examination

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He died soon after being brouglit in. Tlie attack lasted two

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Tlie daughter of Hill-Burton, the near relation of Cosmo

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and Surgeon-Major Beatson, I.M.S., succeeds Surgeon-Lieu-

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yageST. line ID, to pa°eW line ? and n,'<>/?f •!?'"* ""^ following:

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the oval shape may be preferred, the principle being' still the*

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promoters of lead elimination, and quite recently a case was

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Miss G. consulted me in July, 1890. She had had a lliiek

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'•judicial persecution." The only remedy appears to be an

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chest I found slight dulness above the right scapula, tubular sounds

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currence of a few cases of small-pox. Nobody could be got

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which the greater number of memheis present took part.

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either of these organs, as the snare is worked entirely frpm its

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tion, but I will start where textbooks, as a rule, usually finish

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strong. As water is very plentiful, it is impossible for

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M. O. H. — A very useful handbill for circulation by medical officers of

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period during which, week by week, he became worse and

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middle of last February, she presented all the usual pheno-

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its water mainly by a conduit from the River Durance. This

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sutures beine used. The abdomen was then opened on the opposite side

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Cure of a Singular Disease of the Eyes, arising from Mercury, sometimes

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greatly distended and tympanitic, aL-d very tender on palpation: there

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The Health of the Troops hi L/idia.—JAr. Cr. Russell said, in answer to Mr.

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patient had not had rheumatic fever. Dr. Abraham regarded

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cholesterin reaction, but the melting point is lower and the

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Medical Officer of Health for the Bromley and Poplar Districts.

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clear. No one, as far as we know, likes to be regarded as an

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