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Welcome to the Cornwall surf school The Sunday Times described as "the best on the North Cornish coast"

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tion passes off. During the height of the pains it may cease altogether,
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bladder. In this time the lymphatics of the neck are not coloured, and
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moreover, the short individuals are refractory to Gram's stain,
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Jones — Eidsforth. — On February 19, at the parish church, Wyresdale,
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has given his consent to "Prof." Henry of a Chicago
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from the College of Physicians and Surgeons in 1878,
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the use of complicated instruments of precision is, of course, neither necessary nor
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"occurs in two forms, the convulsive and the gangrenous
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throat nearly all the remedies of the Pharmacopcsia have been used. Gar^in^
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The paralysis may be irregularly distributed, or it may in-
cilitate manipulation. In this journal, page 417, in a
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anced by bodily and mental occupation, and let whatever excess remains
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Nonne, M.: War Injuries of Peripheral Nerves (t'ber Kreigsverlet-
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edge to peruse with inter^t the account of the origin of
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skin on the radial border of the hand ; the third metacarpal
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pean and Pacific Theaters have a percentage distribution similar
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conclusions : That the occurrence of pleurisy with rheu-
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It is a stomachic Tonic, and relieves Indigestion. Flatulency, and has the remarkable property of arresting
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ics and Sociology ? Yet they are every-day tools of learned
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of the coffee was examined by the Esmarch roll-plate
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three wings running north is the original building of the General
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Having said this, he goes on to criticise it, root and
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products. This conclusion is similar to that arrived at
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the injury being so extensive that the patient never reacted.
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is to add to the distress of the patient without the certainty
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is the means most widely adopted, some surgeons even advising
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From all these accounts more than 80,000 cases were submitted
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fully with man, where death seemed imminent as a re-
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degeneration. Degeneration of normal tissues is at all times a
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non-believer would be as likely to fix upon some other day ; hence, it is
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meddle with, as it procures relief from present suf-
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emptied. As a rule he signifies his desire, but occasionally he
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joint ; tearing and drawing in the loins on ezpcaure to cold, followed
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or two days after delivery, and the breasts become as hard as stones, but
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ence for only the trigonum, arouud the mouths of the ure-
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How to Secure a Correction of Defects. — Dr. D. E.
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as coins which have been handled by tuberculous pa-
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indicated are, complete ventilation, cleanliness, regulation of temperature,

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