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Welcome to the Cornwall surf school The Sunday Times described as "the best on the North Cornish coast"

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at 38° C, and more slowly at the room-temperature, either in the

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Castellani, years in Ceylon, now of the University of

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with milk and eggs, toast, zwieback, and, instead of tea or coffee, malt-

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district, nature has beneficently provided that under ordinary con-

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sion from corresponding disease in our domestic animals. Again,

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nosis) : in about -iO per cent of the children, microscopic

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earned, and from the widespread nature of the malady there is

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Entozoa : Seniors — Prize, Lawrence Bailey. Honors — A. E. Atwood,

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repeatedly shown in the milk of cows having general tuberculosis.

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posely omitted reference to the pathology of the spleen itself, because

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promptly responds to the touch, and the respirations have become

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in ninety grains of benzol every four hours for three

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efficacious than opium, especially in checking the diarrhoea, the essential

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keep ever foremost the aim we have kept as our guide — to '' Lead

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about four or five inches. They both healed up nicely after being curetted

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Tuberculous porpoises died after an injection of 3 g. and more

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Commission, succeeded Dr. J. J. Monyhan as City Veterinarian of

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the disease. If pernicious anemia is to be cured it must be done l^efore

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the witness' story. And in the general afiEairs of life no one would

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all those who are known to have the disease are under

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Samoa.^ — Pulmonary tuberculosis exists in American

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mony, and potassium tartrate) produce varying degrees of irritation or

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pended for six months to observe tendencies to relapse.

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peared to protract the cure, which although complete, was only ef-

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are seldom accompanied by hemorrhage, regular lavage is indicated on

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The nomination of officers for the ensuing year was a feature of much

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hour. This is less efficacious and less pleasant for the patient than a cold

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Fig. 45. — Gangosa. Age 17. Frambesia when 5 years. Ulcerations ten years;

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placed outside of buildings, etc., with extremely gratifying re-

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and importance for the consideration of those present.

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fever is very resistant, far more so than that of measles, vai'iola, or small-

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The animal makes a snufliing sound in its breathing, and frequently

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giving the spt. mindereri ±ss. every hour, with the addition of one-

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speaking of the needed reform, said it was of the greatest impor-

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1897. Meeting opened in the mornin g at the appointed hour. The Presi-

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