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Welcome to the Cornwall surf school The Sunday Times described as "the best on the North Cornish coast"

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was invited to present the same demonstration before the Royal Med-
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tisements appearing in Boston papers, furnish, if no other were
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from her, recently, she was still doing well, and taking occasional
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decided. The analogy which both these troubles bear to acute articular rheu-
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Wounds in which foreign bodies are thought to be lodged
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the subject of our paper more closely. The following cases bring
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Institute, and entered the University of Rochester in 1863. In 1864
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Having received these opinions, the Crow thanked his colleagues for the valuable
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was etherized, and the forceps applied. And although we used
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(1912). Another work of Dr. Campbell is "Principles and Practice
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bones of growing animals by giving them as little lime as possible in their
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clinic devoted exclusively to teaching electro-therapeutics.
which of the following is a predictable adverse effect of clonidine (catapres) an alpha-2 agonist
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Society, in 1898 ; member of the Central New York Medical Associa-
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highly interesting and instructive symposium on the prevention
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of darkened, oily-looking fluid came away, which had an ex-
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appeared during the 3d, the last on the 15th, of November. Nov. 5, when the gen-
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The absence of all marked diagnostic characteristics of acute
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was brigade surgeon in the National Guard, holding the rank of
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a sudden vertigo, with a feeling of numbness in the soles of her feet, and
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and skill in meeting unlooked-for diHiculties. In this, as
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persistence in recommending the operation at so early a
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pital he remained as interne for one year, then being appointed house
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cal surgery, with all its neatness and newness, that is seduc-
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presence of a condensed repertory will doubtless often prove
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geon and l.ecturer to the FabioU Hospital of Oakland; .
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She is the recipient of grateful letters from all parts of
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thorities in his specialty, the diseases of children, was born in Hartum,
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grains), and the use of the cold douche in algid pernicious inter-
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Erosions, Furrows, result from tangential rifle fire —
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in 1872, and M.A. in 1875. Early in life he evinced a natural apti-
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tention to trivial looseness of the bowels. During an attack of
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Eugene Martel, Revue Bibliographique, F6vrier, 1885.
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