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Welcome to the Cornwall surf school The Sunday Times described as "the best on the North Cornish coast"

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a universal remedy, the numerous permanent cures it has wrought in

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tive practice, and did most of the consultation work in the

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glands, the absence of these symptoms in the large proportion of cases

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Four chairs are being planned for the medical faculty of the

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alternating effect, cold succeeded by warmth, which eventually in-

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creeps upon the patient with slow but inexorable grasp, and one remedy

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Notes payable to the Publisher, GEORGE ELLIOTT, 21D Spadina Road,

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been drawn from such lesions. In some cases the nervous


remain, and frequently there is quite deep pitting. The marks are usu-


left. Temperature normal ; pulse, 84 ; respiration, 28.

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largely disappear. The temperature usually drops to 100° F. (37.7°

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the causation of gout, what theory of its formation shall we

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(3) The Ameha causing Fstwo-aiitumnal Fevers. — The cycle of this

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untary in health, but with rabies would be affected by either

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months, whilst the natural process may take years. Thus

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were shipwrecked within a week; and the last time with a

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be departed from a little animal broth is the best help to milk.

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Hysteria — Neurasthenia — Dr. D. D. Richardson's Views on the Treat-

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intestines do a great deal of the work of digestion and assimi-

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continued to have attacks every day and very often twice a day, lasting from five

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Phosphoric Acid. — This constituent of the urine is derived under

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proportion. Among the more prominent men were R. T.

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do the l)enclicrs of the Law Society. He also recommends that

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shows : we must know something more than the absolute

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Amebic dysentery is not confined to the tropics, but is met with also,

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tion is always enhanced by increasing tissue change, improving the

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convalescence speedily set in. Unpleasant secondary effects were not

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these miliary aneurysms or the erosion of a large vessel is an event that

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The kidnegs, like the liver, exhibit parenchymatous degeneration.

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from dealers, often are known by the names of the commer-

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June 30th. This treatment had been continued, the Scotch douche to upper

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