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Welcome to the Cornwall surf school The Sunday Times described as "the best on the North Cornish coast"

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cordiuix to Ilurteaux. nearly 100 cases of cancer of the lip in men,
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If, as Hutchison suggests, the effect of serum is to raise the
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shape and size of the kidney was felt on the right side of the
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moi bides. Arch. g6n. de meil.. Par., 1870, 0. s., xv, 332-
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employed both currents, the constant and tlie induced,
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The milium masses on the eyelids of elderly people may be mis-
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It is impossible by any known process to effect a complete separa-
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be noticed before any mental symptoms. . . . There is
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93. Diagnosis of Typhoid. — The febrile affections whidi
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as the protective qualities increase. These results
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the classical flocculation test in which bacteriophage acts as the selective
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blamed as the starting-point, as well as cold, over-exertion, and the other com-
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Infirmary when not a single case of septal perforation
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diate contagion, is that by vaccination. Numerous well
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half of <»ne t<> one per cent.) thick, < • 1 1 1 ■ < 1 \ masses of
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and clinicians'' that incompetency of the valve was a \'ery frequent
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To give a clear view of the treatment of these symptoms, I shall be obliged to
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in such preparations only the kinetonuclei can be seen, the tro-
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end of a week the pulse fell to 65 per minute when in bed.
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tetanus. The disease has in each case been concurrent
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the birth of the philanthropist whose name the institution
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the nose, or from a fissure at the corner of the mouth, or from a herpetic
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advantage ; but in his over-zeal for what seems a pet theory, he
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evidences of the disease being properly an epidemic, either from its rela-
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intense metabolism. There is another factor which operates here,
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above have been much modified, or altogether absent."
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slightest value, as most albmninous fluids, especially leucorrhoeal
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left side. The artery that supplies the left eye is a branch of
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distressing symptoms met with in both tuberculous and
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wrist, and, some time later, a second. About the 21st of No-
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afterwards. It teaches little, however, respecting the cause, and other
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The Medical Lectures will commence on the 1st Tuesday of October, and continue sixteen weeks.
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long-continued indigestion, following or associated with overindulgence
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Nature of Animal Organisms,'- in 1771, at the mature age of 44, and after he had been
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surrounded by zones of congestion. The larger abscesses
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which it swallowed well, and went to sleep again for two
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dura mater. At this point an abscess was discovered and emptied. Undis-
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asked to hold back the head, and the cricoid is grasped by the
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tween fifty and sixty. These were all cases of suppu-
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137. — IVoel. La mortalite et la fievre typhoide dans I ar-

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