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Welcome to the Cornwall surf school The Sunday Times described as "the best on the North Cornish coast"

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found the practice an extremely successful one, even in fractures of

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of course, can only arise from the causes to which I have assigned

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" History. — Though the name diphtheria (from Sifdepa, a skin or mem-

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general but not at all marked subcutaneous infiltration, giving to the

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in acetic acid is added before the urine is rendered alkaline with the

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is sensitive, though not as yet irreparably impaired by

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persons think that the assertions of sanitarians in re-

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dentified (eg, a pH-dependent effect on absorption or a change in

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with an equal amount of current in peripherally affected muscles (muscular atro-

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vital as well as physical, become enervated in warm climates.

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mistaken for typhoid perforation. Haggard, having the clos-

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internally, and to clysmata oleosa. The odontalgia rheumatica or po-

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ways: by hemorrhage into a previously ex ^ of croton oil and an emetic were given; a

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congestion of the lungs at their bases and posterior

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nodular form is more often seen. These statements must be some-

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I am not now referring to the diffused headache and giddiness which are apt

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disappeared and has not since returned in her shoulder or upper arm, and she

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I presented a patient, aged twenty-five years, in whose left

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166 MISSOURI MEDICINE/March 1988 — Vol. 85, No. 3

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energetic treatment, notwithstanding such a formidable disease must

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rising to express his reliance on th3 lancet as another

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Of the nature of these faiths and principles the reader is already

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ute ; all the time, however, it was strong and regular.

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compounded something more palatable, and thereby sustained, though

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by cold bathing, etc. These are the real objects of

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well as anybody. He had advised her to get such an appliance.

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(Jcrnian or French. Tlie pre-mcdical course will be given in the College of Liberal Arts at Atlanta,

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the evening was delivered by Dr. Robert C. O'Reilly. The examining

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Effects of Transfusion on the Administration of Arsenic. — The

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even in the spinal cord. They are for the most part sohtary, of slow

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Although the finest details in the development of this case cannot be

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part of tli'j iiitrstine iinil uterus which had been removed fro'ii

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And hence it is often a result of cold feet, or the

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