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interest to show some specimens which he had taken from
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mission Rates to Hospital and Quarters at 69 Selected Army Stations in
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March, 1872, five county physicians were appointed, one for each commissioner
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A.M (25th), he became unmanageable, frequently attempting to get
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Blepharitis (General Subject). See Aristol — Ich-
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Med. and Surg. Jour., 15. Bucklers, Encephalitis, Archiv fiir Psychiatrie imd
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the blood during measles. Apart from a few reports of blood exam-
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lient sedative lotions, and the steam of hot water,
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application of aseptic and antiseptic dressings have also received
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moved to hulks in the waters of ihat city, and are de-
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few minutes longer. The liquid was now ready for filtration, and left upon the
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April 1897, p. 376.-24. Idem. Bull. Soc. Anat. April 1897, p. 380.-25. Ross and
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human body has been advanced. If we apply these tests to the
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carbidopa-levodopa (sinemet) classification
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although it is not unknown even in temperate climes during a hot summer.
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and have cold feet and constipation. (See Health Tracts No's. 21 and 22.) A diet
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geons to contend that this condition is to be traced back to gonorrheas
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things out of patients' heads by removing their ovaries.
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peculiar system of practice, or some nostrum. So universal is
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which in all the other classes of animals are combined together
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d Koning: Biologische und biochemische Studien iiber Milch. Milch wirtschaftl.
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jaw was stripped of its periosteum over nearly its entire extent, within
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Dr. Bray — Perhaps it would be as well to allow the matter to stand over. There is no-
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the upper part of the urethra, and parallel to the posterior surface
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Prochaska, Fred. Arnold, Treviranus and others. I have already endeavored to do full justice
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a curious fact that in cases of myosis consequent on tabes dorsalis the
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does not suffice, introduce the hand gently and detach
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Changes In the Medical Corps of the navy, week ended April 27 :
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Hinkel. He happened to have at hand a bottle of alcoholic
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unsatisfactory. Trousseau was strongly convinced that iodine was generally
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The members of the Committee are — Sir William Middlebrook,
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Dust, taken from the walls of rooms in private houses and public
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porous, in parts compact. Another case, very similar in its character, ended
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like silk and flax, and endangering secondary hemorrhage.
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as well as in some other cases, it is of very little importance, whether the remedy
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a recurrence of the disease, the stable should be thoroughly
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teric. Note that I tell you that gray as well i of a medical man. The child had recently
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growth earlier and spared the patient some unneces-

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