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Welcome to the Cornwall surf school The Sunday Times described as "the best on the North Cornish coast"

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the most startling, thing to learn concerning this entrance of women
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giaduallj into the healthy brain-tissue ; also from the fact that they
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sufficiently good to enable him to pass the tests laid down by
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dilation of the heart, pneumonia, tuberculosis, etc.
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bring away this fluid before it has concreted into a membrane;
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examination, we have been disappointed, as, though Dr. Budd
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nomenclators credit for an increased tendency to revolutionize the che-
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believed from rupture into his trachea. No post mortem was permitted.
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pc-iM;. i:..i \itli,,iu i,M-,,uiui-. ili.ii til ■ tmuli mlu 1h' rc-p,.n<ibk.. 1;
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Tiiere was slight ascites, and the liver and spleen could not be distinctly felt.
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take other measures appropriate for the management of unstable angina pectoris. Since
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tion of the bacilli may take place in water, in milk (very rapidly), and in the
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made strong' efforts to return to the abdomen, so that it was obliged to be
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fellowship in pathology at Liverpool, lately endowed by Mr.
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rliage, more particularly ou the right side. I'liere
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[iare, M. D. [Reprinted from the "Therapeutic (iazette."]
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frequency of the dose should be reduced as the stools become
somewhat the lymphocytes exhibit an increased resistance to re-
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bandage. This dressing must be renewed every day or
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spoken on the assumption that the ordinary view of the action
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point of the bacillus, rather than from the gross appearance, which has
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trated, for when 1 lifted his arm and laid it down, it lay where it was put ; and when
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and closely applied one to another, but in no case has
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his making the signal to be drawn up, two minutes only had elapsed before
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purgation, not only for diabetes, but also for other chronic
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later part of the day the patient is not disturbed.
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cannot receive practical instruction to leave it entirely
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The British Medical Association will hold its annual meeting at Nor-
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Ft. Pulvis, de quo projice 5 j. in aquae bulllentis lb Iv,
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first stage of existence — by certain mild applications
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potential diffei'ence and the secondary current will be less and the damping

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