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Welcome to the Cornwall surf school The Sunday Times described as "the best on the North Cornish coast"

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imposed layers of intimal cells, the musculature and adventitial coats increase
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hominy, rice, and macaroni (often used as "vegetables").
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A review of the Continental literature is equally disappointing ;
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guardians and friends of patients,) get the true idea of the "Outdoor
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the energy. Also at increased risk may be children, with
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conmience, but followed by a return of the sjrmptoms in an aggravated
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gical attention during the past twelve months. (Fig. 3.)
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The average pocket-cases, as furnished by instrument-
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tonsils also by means of a culture in non-scarlatinal angina, this, our
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(cZ). Simple Ulceration. — This if extensive enough, if
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screened, and where it is not possible to screen the buildings food
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sion ceased almost at once, and my patient remained perfectly calm for
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few days. She developed a troublesome cough, and some
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parations of Piersol and Hirst. The index to this volume is
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is evidently not an ivory growth. I would open the ear, follow
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Fig. 320. Section of the thyroid body, with some of its glandular sues, distended
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disease ; in young persons with uncomplicated attacks, whose
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designed studies, including one by the Danish group that first
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Tubercle occurs chiefly in children ; the cerebral phenomena due to its
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tary of the Treasury has no discretion under the law, and the
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of the most distinguished names, with Schroder at its
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the exact state of the viscera, disappears, ) back of bis neck, commencing a little below
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volumes each year. J. V. C. SMITH, M.D., Editor. Price #8,00 a year in advance, $3,50 after three
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tigators to overcome the present prejudices to the general
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toria and dispensaries, popular courses of lectures and traveling exhibi-
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the measurement will be decidedly influenced by the height of the fingers, so that
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specifying processes and streamlining systems can avoid need-
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1 Plummer, Amer. Jour. Med. Sci., 1913, cxlvi. * Loc. cit.
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sputum for examination, but at no time, either in the night
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riotomy, anesthesia, hygiene, bacteriology, synthetic chemistry, anti-
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the part that gas has played in land warfare in order to properly
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Homicide by suffocation would not be attempted on healthy adult persons,
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Oct 28 Geriatric Care for Primary Care Physicians, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN. Fee: $185. 7.5 hrs AMA Category 1
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tion." Sir Thomas goes on to remark that "the trade in

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