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Welcome to the Cornwall surf school The Sunday Times described as "the best on the North Cornish coast"

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herpes, was found, when treated in the same manner, to

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he was called a "man-midwife." The festival of the newly born

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This is the most revolting of many shocking occurrences

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still to be met with within the ossified cartilage-ccUs."

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kidney, or Bright's disease, after the eminent physician who, in

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remarkable to see the wound in the uterus. There was nothing

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Treatment of Chronic Trachoma. — Granular or Follicu-

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persons never using fresh meat, only four, or 1.52 per cent., were

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tions it is often confounded, and too frequently persistent local

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scurvy were in one case caused by rigid adherence to a diet of unbolted wheat

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which follows excesses. He considers the hydropathic treatment of

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of every individual member of the medical profession in

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existence of tracts like b d in order to explain associated movements.

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the disease are, thinning the population of overcrowded tenement-houses, dis-

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Experiment 3 (Table 3). — April 9, 1909. Same dog as in Experiment 1.

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of the pulse; the action of the heart is sometimes diminished in frequency;

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(2) Myxoedema, with High Blood-pressure, preceded by Enlargement of

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as has been observed in the exanthemata, pneumonia, etc.

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prudence in the University of Louisville. 203 pp. Price, f 1.25, net. Press of

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the convalescent department of the hospital, after scarla-

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report ; no more rigors. I saw her at this time, and, taking

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pitation of the heart, and itching of the skin. At the

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seen, together with minute particles, the largest of which appeared to be cubes.

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titles us to believe that they had similar lesions.

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slightly-marked case was three days : the maximum duration was four-

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Also: Rep. Bd. Health [etc.] Penn. 1885, Harrisburg, 1886,

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throat. No difference recognized between the two strains. Both fer-

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comparison of New Mexico’s acute rheumatic fever mor-

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steadily in check a ha^morrhagic dispoj^ition. Suppose, now, that instead

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