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Welcome to the Cornwall surf school The Sunday Times described as "the best on the North Cornish coast"

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Where possible, the specimens should be sent by registered mail.
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Varieties of typhus fever. — Numerous varieties have been
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morning of the third day the temperature is normal (98 0, 4 F.), or only
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The reagent should be stored in the refrigerator when not in use.
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on the bottle. It should be sterilized by filtration only.
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The invasion is sudden and heralded by a rigor of varying intensity,
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a mistake as to add 100 grams of fat to her diet, making a total
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It is my belief that the further the diabetic's diet departs from
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fifth day, milk came ; sixth day, marked chill at night ; lochia,
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hold good in many cases. Nowhere is the demand for determin-
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cough became more as it had been before, with numerous efforts
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Dr. M. Ransom has removed from Nantucket to West Dennis, Mass.
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botulinum. The type of toxin can be determined only by the use of
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the appearance of the name of a different publishing house on
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c. If coccus forms alone are present, culture on blood agar
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diphtheria in which an exact diagnosis is not arrived at.
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therefore be well to abolish the term chronic inflammation from morbid anatomy
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The e\adence of syphihtic infection must be undoubted. As a
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independently of climate, soil, or race, whenever the contagium, virus, or
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of the lungs ; (3) collapse of the lungs ; (4) acute insufflation of the anterior
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known with certainty that the kidneys are not doing their duty,
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and colleges and carrying with them contagious affections, which
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the short period during which patients have been under observa-
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gravity distinguishes the chronic from the acute form. It usually
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phenol red, and it should not be used if it becomes acid. Autoclave
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through transmitting columns of equal or of different lengths. If
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This is a subject that has been much neglected, but at the
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smooth, thin, red skin. The new finger-nails on right hand are
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in the early presumptive diagnosis of a number of rickettsial
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are markedly poor in comparison with the results of preventive
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organisms, either destroying them outright, or at least attenuating them,
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bacilli), which both chemically and in its physiological action appears to be
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the lens tissue, softening it and rendering it milky and opaque.
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tests carried out under these conditions, the tests should

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