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Welcome to the Cornwall surf school The Sunday Times described as "the best on the North Cornish coast"

Amaryllis Bulbs Annual Or Perennial

ment are closely comparable and leave no doubt of a close relationship.
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1. Sudden invasion, with intense pain of the head and eye-
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bladder, and in hydatid cysts of the kidney echinococci or hooklets may
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surgeon may be of his technique, his wound must be closely
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offices, they shall be members of the House at large
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measures just enumerated are apt to be continued too long, patients being
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pairs their functions. sary evil of childhood, but if rightly inter-
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marriage, and live in communities, where they exercise them-
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cold. Twenty-six ounces of a solution of sodium phosphate and sodium chlo-
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We are glad to mail our literature to any physician who requests it.
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kidneys by diluting the urine when the secretion is concen-
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was observed, and in another hemorrhage from the swollen gums; of course, in
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(34) Preliminary Medical Examination (certificate to include all the
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muscle, while a few were found elsewhere, especially in the kidney.
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the materialism of the writer, that we have a deep distrust of know-
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Herman Kotzschmar, was sung by a select choir. Then the Governor of the
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If this be carefully done, the sufferers may be kept surrounded
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the slightest pulsation. An opening, five lines long, was then made in it,
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treasurer. The Society will hold ita next meeting at Spring-
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Prognosis. — In children the outlook is good. Most of the cases ter-
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organs of plants, such as the flowers and the fruit, observing carefully the
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health, should die after seven hours illness, and particularly if
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*/rfttf rze^e art £%.e CfrutdctrrzJ ffj Crrrz mart t^6(U^>S ,
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diphtheria poison. For this reason Heubner thinks that
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On admission temperature 99 i° ; no elevation thereafter.
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at least to the extent that several cases of tuberculosis in man had
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practice Dr. Miiller makes use of the gloves as an addi-
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cine, drug, or substance whatever, or shall use or employ any
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Pleurae present no adhesions and cavities contain no excess of fluid.
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an increase in 371 cases from 1 to 71 percent., average 21.34 per cent.; 45
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duce palpitation in a heart liable to excessive or inco-
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We were at first inclined to think that the woman had
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ployed a new method, which had, however, already been men-

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