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Welcome to the Cornwall surf school The Sunday Times described as "the best on the North Cornish coast"

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consist wholly of blood. The pulse falls low, possibly
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back area. Twenty-eight cases occurred between July 1 and August 12
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respect to those of pus. These last, at times, are in such quantity,
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in the vagina of a poor woman, without injury. When a pessary
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pain is the signal that the disease is not cured. It seems prob-
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stone or brick. At least eighty per cent, of the school-houses
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bules, vacuoles and Gitterzellen were quite common,
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37. Gray BH (Ed): The New Health Care for Profit: Doctors and Hospitals in a
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if a stimulating effect is also desired. After food has been cut off
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rent numl)er of Virchow's Arr/iir, Dr. H iimer has col-
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400 were in poor-houses, or badly supported by friends,
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that it should be left wholly in the hands of ignorant and untrained
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well illustrated by an attack of malaria, in which it is obvious that success
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iced water until wanted ; then cut into pieces about an inch in
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Definition, — ^A disorder of carbohydrate and fat metabolism charac-
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usually pediatric books for nurses contain far too much
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of the lower jaw by an external incision extending from the
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innervation ; that there is dilatation of the right aide of the
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other monthly publication in this country, and that henceforth no
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that those who are the subjects of ovarian cysts are very apt to
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Parkman's affliction seems to have had little result
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very troublesome, as the day advanced, he was ordered at eleven
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the circumstances surrounding the origin and evolution of our
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cutaneous tenotomy should be |)erformed upon all tis-
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daily, beginning with a solution not stronger than 2 grains to the ounce,
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patient sul)mits to the 'waters ' and the ])rudent regimen.
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over the trunk and limbs. There may be ecchymoses, having the va-
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quite unable to follow his employment. I operated on the part and
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these products, this small volume should prove of help. A brief list is
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Our troops were decimated by the terrible scourge in Algeria, the Crimea, Italy,
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them exhibited, have increased the affection of the
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late years especially, been very often greatly misapplied, both
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observer it may seem a small matter whether the presiding official
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Thorowgood (.1. C.) Two eases of peritoneal abscess
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extract, and, at times, the affection is permanently arrested
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medicine. It might be mentioned here that following the use of such
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irritation does not excite much scratching, but the dog frequently

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